For Lodge Secretaries

Annual returns from Daughter Lodges are required to be submitted by the 31st of December in each year. It would be appreciated if these were attended to promptly to allow the early preparation of the Provincial Syllabus.

Annual Inspection of Books

The Annual Inspection of Lodge Books by Provincial Grand Lodge will take place at the Annual Visitation as per the syllabus commencing in October. Please note that the following must be presented:

Lodge Secretary’s Books

Petition Book.
Minute Book.
Roll Book.
Attendance Book.
Byelaws are not required.

Lodge Treasurer’s books

Cash Book
Balance Sheet
Bank Pass Books
Certificates of Balance
Details of Investments (and the independent examiners statement as per the 5th Schedule issued to Lodges in 2017)

The Books should be presented by the Lodge Secretary and Treasurer or, in their absence, a Brother or Brethren competent to present and comment upon the same.

Provicinal Grand Lodge Lottery

Membership of the lottery runs from 1st November to 31st October and costs £5 per ticket.
The fund is distributed in the following manner:

Prize money 45%
Admin costs 10%
General Fund 45%

Members are encouraged to support this most worthwhile venture.
Prize draws take place at each Provincial Grand Committee during the year.
Further information can be obtained from the Provincinal Grand Secretary.